Are you Halloween-ready? Damaged Society are on-hand with tons of killer products available to help you get in the spooky mood!

Here’s our top 10 frightful delights you can purchase in-store now:

1. Light up your dark side with a Weeping Rose Candle. Black on the outside with a red interior, watch it drip gory blood red wax as it burns. £4. 

2. The skulls of your enemies… Add a spooky edge to your haunted house with black and white skull-shaped tealights. Set of 6 £8.

3. Like your coffee black as midnight? However you take it, bring the spook with every stir with a Deadend skull cut-out teaspoon. £3.

4. The night the Boogeyman came home… to your wardrobe. This Halloween tee is a must-have for horror fans! £15.

5. Never trust the living! Handbook for the Recently Deceased slouch tee. Wear it once, wear it twice, third times the charm… £20.

6. Heading to a Halloween party? Do the monster mash without spilling a drop of your beetle-juice with a skull drinking jar. £5.

7. Bring your party back from the dead with shots of your fave haunted spirits. Pack of 4 £10.

8. Whether you’re drinking your first cup of coffee that warms your soul in the morning – or it’s your last cuppa after working the graveyard shift, this skull enamel mug is perfect. £7.

9. You’ll never get stuck in a time warp with this Skull wall clock. £12.

10. Proudly display all your macabre trinkets on a coffin shelf. £25. 

Visit Damaged Society on the East Arcade.

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