Hello Everyone!

It’s Grace here, I’ve just got back from a lovely holiday in the South of France with my family. I thought now was the perfect time to tell you all about the amazing experience I had at the Bonus Arena Hull!

I was gifted 2 tickets to see Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals, all thanks to Princes Quay. I posted about our night on my Instagram story but in case you don’t follow me I thought I’d write it up here too.

I was told about the tickets a while ago and then had to think about who I was going to take with me. My husband, Pete, wasn’t interested at all which I guessed straight away but I’m always up for any excuse for a date night! Check out my PQ Date Night vlog here. I decided to take my Mum instead, who is a HUGE Strictly fan, so I knew the ticket would be very much appreciated.

I couldn’t wait to take my Mum out. I hadn’t spent time just me and her in so long, a Mummy – daughter date was just what I needed. So we set off and ended up arriving in Hull way too early, as we were just SO excited!

We decided to do some shopping in Princes Quay and then head to Nando’s for a bite to eat. My mum loves the shop at Roman and wanted to show me some clothes she had seen, while we were shopping the day before.

Then we headed into Nando’s which was amazing as always!

Since we were on the 1st floor, we headed through Princes Quay’s new Pedestrian Link which brings you out right opposite the Bonus Arena, it was so easy and convenient. It literally took us 5 minutes to get there – which was ideal as we were sooooo full from the Nando’s, lots of walking wouldn’t have been fun!

Once we were inside, we got some snacks and drinks and sat in our fantastic seats – we were SO close to the stage! Then we waited for the show to start. We were not disappointed, I would 100% recommend Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals. We had such a fun time. They got us up dancing along, they taught us some basic moves so that we could join in too. I love when a show is interactive! Throughout we got to know the professionals better, as they talked about their lives and their childhood’s which you don’t get to see in the TV show.

If you’re heading to a show at the Bonus Arena soon I would definitely suggest going to Princes Quay first for a spot of shopping, a bite to eat, beauty bargains and more. We had so much fun, thank you Princes Quay!

Thanks to you all for reading and I’ll see you on the next vlog or blog post!

Grace x

Princes Quay

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