HIP Gallery

Photography enthusiasts visit the gallery which hosts high-quality international photography exhibitions.

HIP Gallery

HIP Gallery in Princes Quay Hull is managed by our Hull based social enterprise The Creative and Cultural Company. We show touring exhibitions and commission photographers to create work. We are voluntary lead and not for profit. The gallery acts as a hub for learning, with our weekly HIPclubs for all ages and regular events. Our biggest event is HIP Photography Festival.

HIP Photography Festival will be here again 5th October 2018. HIP Photography Festival is an annual event where the cultural importance of photography is recognised. A celebration of a physical art form, but one which is globally and digitally accessible. An event where professionals come to exhibit, network, sell work, exchange ideas, and meet contacts. But also as an opportunity for the newly qualified, amateur & emerging photographer of any age & ability to immerse themselves in the world of photography, find information, gain support, share their passion and showcase their work alongside the best in the world, to a global network of photographers, peers, curators, editors, agents, photo enthusiasts and the visiting public.

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