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Samsara sells ethical high-quality gifts, ornaments, art and decor handcrafted by artists in Bali.

Samsara’s vision is to support artists and craft-makers in Bali by buying products directly from them at a fair price and importing their products to the UK – therefore supporting a culture of fair trade that empowers makers in Bali to ask for fair prices and wages for their work.

Our commitment to Fair Trade

Samsara was set-up to provide quality crafts with ethics at its core. All our stock is provided by five families in Bali, who have a direct working relationship with Denise. We ensure that our suppliers are given a fair price for their work – allowing them to develop their creativity and businesses further. By offering a fair price to our suppliers, we also encourage others in Bali to trade fairly and promote good working practices.

All Samsara products are made from sustainable materials that are locally sourced in Bali.

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