Highways England have organised an archaeological dig on Princes Dock Street

An archaeological dig to search for Hull’s hidden remains of old city walls is taking place right on our doorstep!

It’s reported that Hull’s historic walls could even date right back to the 14th century. A three-metre by eight-metre trench will be dug on the dockside. The hoarding even features a see-through panel, so you can have a peek inside at Hull’s hidden history.

They’re looking for parts of Hull’s medieval defences to help understand more about the history of Hull and the people that lived here. Around 700 years ago brick walls and ditches were built to protect the town from invaders, but these have since crumbled away or been removed.

The dig is the first phase of the A63 Castle Street development scheme.

Archaeologists will spend four weeks working hard behind the scenes, as part of the process to improve Hull’s pedestrian links in the city centre.

archaeological dig

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Princes Quay

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