Enigma Live Escape Rooms

If you’re ready to dive into something completely new and exciting, our Enigma Rooms are for you.

Enigma Live Escape Rooms

Dracula’s Tomb – escape the darkness or disappear forever!

When digging the footings to build Princes Quay Shopping Centre, a vault was found. The greatest scholars of the day were brought in to uncover the meaning of what had been found. One name started to be mentioned by the scholars… Dracula! Is this the long lost Castle Dracula? Many associations are made with Dracula and Whitby but this questions these idea and Hull is the centre for many Dracula/vampire mysteries.

2 to 6 people. Difficulty rating 7 out of 10.

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Escape the Chocolate Factory – NOW OPEN!

Wouldn’t it be sweet to escape for a while… After spending your whole life looking at the outside of the worlds most mysterious chocolate factory you finally get chance to step inside. Will you be lucky enough to get in and marvel at the wonders within and then escape to tell the tale?

2 to 6 people. Difficulty rating 7 out of 10.

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