Free access to wireless internet is now available throughout the whole of Princes Quay.

Princes Quay is delighted to announce the launch of centre-wide Wi-Fi access in partnership with local internet service provider Connexin.  Wi-Fi, or local area wireless technology, enables the connection of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect to the internet whilst they are on the move.

The project is a joint initiative between Princes Quay and Connexin. This partnership will ensure that visitors will enjoy the fastest Wi-Fi in Hull, meaning they can stream live TV or communicate on social media whilst enjoying their Princes Quay shopping experience.

The free Wi-Fi service is a huge development for Princes Quay enhancing the overall customer experience and providing a further demonstration of the great value Hull offers.

Connexin Managing Director Furqan Alamgir commented. “It was refreshing to work with the Princes Quay team, who challenged Connexin to make Princes Quay the most digitally advanced shopping centre in Hull by providing the best in class Wi-Fi service that would cover the entire centre with super-fast speeds. We worked closely with Princes Quay to design and implement this world leading wireless infrastructure. The service is free to shoppers and is able to handle thousands of visitors, retailers and staff simultaneously.”