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Menkind is the one stop shop for all your gadget and gifting needs, with thousands of products handpicked by our team with one question running through their heads – “How much would I love to receive this as a present?” We then test the products to ensure we’re building the best collection of gadgets, men’s accessories and seriously fun novelty gifts on the market. We have over 48 shops, a host of pop-up stores around the country every Christmas and a team of staff who love to chat and play with our merchandise almost as much as our customers do!

RED5 has moved in with Menkind

It’s been 16 years but we’ve finally found somebody as passionate as we are about gifts, gadgets and geekery. RED5 has now joined the family and set up residence with Menkind, offering a geekier more tech focussed range that’s sure to blow Menkind customers away!

Princes Quay

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